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dont think for a second you have the right to touch me without consent and you sure as hell aint getting it

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dean + bowlegs

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When you’re feeling down and out, REAL friends be like


okay but the guy in blue gets up and hold onto the back of the red guys shirt like a small child or perhaps a duckling

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That little thing Pete does to Patrick

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how is this the same guy

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Namaste means “my soul recognizes yours” not “I tripped really hard at a festival once and now I’m filled with the wisdom of the Earth”


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… that’s Dean. Now, he could start a fight in an empty house, but deep down inside, he’s just a big ol’ Teddy bear.

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You just know nobody is reblogging this for the dog


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Recent Instagrams Of Ryan Ross

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kindergarten AU!

teacher Sam takes care of little Dean and little Cas , prompt by my friend

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I took these pictures of Misha two years ago at VanCon, but you know, now seems like a good time to post them.

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Well, you brothers have hunted monster things
You’ll forever be the subject of tales
But you two, it’s not monsters you’re hunting
It’s me and I’ve got pow’r that never fails

You should be sweating, wracked in terror now
But you’ve somehow got my approval stamp
Don’t expect much, I’m a Trickster and wow
You think I’m a  genie? Rub my lamp, and I’ll say:

My dear Winchester boys, what will your torture be?
I’ve got a lesson, so sit down;
You ain’t never seen a guy like me!

I know I’m humble so feel free to flatter me
It’s not that easy being great;
You ain’t never seen a guy like me!

Yes sir, I pride myself as Trickster
I’m the boss, the God, the one
But back on track, stupid misters
So let’s go have some fun!

Not liking sit coms, boys? Try the rest of TV,
The lesson’s dull but in your skulls.
You ain’t never seen a guy like me!

Right here, boys! Oh my.
Over here! Not quite.
On your left!
My my my.
Oh this is gonna be fun
Can your friends do this?
(No they can’t, they’re dead!)
Can your friends do that?
(They’re still pretty dead)
So can Cas make worlds
In seconds flat?
Can your friends go poof?
Free candy, hey!
Can your friends stick you in Tuesdays, with a snap,
And make Deano die every day?

I know I’m not your favorite enemy
I’m here to get a rise out of you losers
I’m just looking out for me, you see?
I’m stuck with you, beggars can’t be choosers

I’ve got a powerful urge to watch you flail
Just play the game, you really wanna play
You’ve got a pass to fun, the rest all pales
Well all you gotta do, survive today, and hey

Well you Winchester bros, let’s have some fun at last.
Your wildest dreams burst at the seams!
You ain’t never seen a guy, never seen a guy,
You ain’t never seen a guy, never seen a guy,
You ain’t never seen a guy like me!
(Come on bros?)
(Why the frowns?)
You ain’t never seen a guy like me!

Having fun yet?

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